Amitabh’s Sleepless Adventures in Hospital

It is extremely difficult to spend lonely nights at Hospital recouping self after a surgery or treatment. The feeling itself turns one sick and Big B had that tormenting experience recently. Big B Amitabh Bachchan underwent two abdominal surgeries and is spending long sleepless nights at Seven Hills hospital in Mumbai. He to kill time, connected to internet and spent time on twitter, his favorite past time. He shared his feelings and present condition and state of mind with millions of his fans and well wishers across the world. Some of his tweets include
“Have not been able to sleep yet… so I guess you all have to tolerate me for a while,” and he added “The body repairs but gradually… what a piece of machinery the Almighty created…incredible!”

“Yes it’s become a routine now to be awake all night almost… best time to think, reminisce, write and contemplate…”..”The doctors have gone home, the family is asleep in adjoining room and the night nurses and sisters are a joy to be with…,” he added. Big B even complained that internet connection disrupted for a while and came back saying “Such talent within and across the border … soulful, caressing, almost taking the pain away…”. On his slow recovery he tweeted “There seems to be a slight, very slight, upward push to the graph on recovery, though there is still an immense amount of work to be done,”

On his earlier surgery between Feb11 and Feb 13 he tweeted “The fever stayed within control and a few blood readings brought a gentle smile on the faces of the medical team,” adding further “A CT Scan planned to detect another nagging problem … shall be considered tomorrow. “My intake has been improved upon – from three sips of water per day to four sips! Thats like a couple of teaspoons full extra,” added the actor.

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