Anil Kapoor admires Tom Cruise

One of the most popular Bollywood actors of the moment, Anil Kpoor, took part in the latest film of the famous American actor – Mission Impossible 4. In the notorious movie – where Anil Kapoor play the part of an Indian – he discovered the great acting skills of the famous actor. The Bollywood  superstar said that Tom Cruise is one of the greatest artists of the moment and that he was very impressed by the dedication of the actor.

Furthermore he was very glad to discover the hardworking person that Tom is. Anil also stated that he was very happy to star in an international film, which he calls it to be a ‘different experience’.

Regarding his acting experience so far, Anil Kapoor stated he also appreciated the opportunity to work with Danny Boyle, a British film maker, from which he managed to learn quite a lot. The Bollywood actor was also very happy to have had the chance to work with one of the best Indian directors and actors as well.

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