Anil Kapoor, welcomed by Darlton McGuinty

Toronto: The Ontario Premier, Darlton McGuinty has received a very special guest recently – Anil Kapoor, veteran actor of Bollywood and supporter of IIFA. The meeting was held at the Queen’s Park in Ontario. It was not a cordial meeting, the two talking about the preparations for the forthcoming International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards, which will take place at this June in Toronto.

McGuinty led in 2009 a trade mission to India. This was a significant event in deciding the location of the IIFA Weekend and Awards.

Anil Kapoor is a very famous person in India, renowned for his over 100 films made, and his many Academy Awards won. The actor was pleased to see the special welcome organized for him, with dancers performing the title song “Jai Ho”, a rendition of one of the songs of Slumdog Millionaire, probably the most popular film the actor starred in.

Anil Kapoor stated that he is more than content with the warm welcome, and that he is looking forward to work with the Premier McGuinty.

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