Anthony Weiner seeks professional help

Washington – On Saturday, Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner disregarded the calls from the party leaders for him to resign from his seat.  Instead of resigning, he will just seek treatment from a professional to cure himself.


The Tweeter clad representative make known his intention to get leave of absence to seek professional help following a call from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi advised him to get help.


Weiner’s willpower to stay comes from his constituents.  However, the Democrats got angered upon knowing such and have said that the unacceptable photo exchange online already hurts the party and thus it would be appropriate for Weiner to stay anymore.


According to the congressman’s spokeswoman, Risa Heller, the troubled congressman would still remain in office until he gets professional help from an undisclosed location.


Before that Pelosi and other House Democrats has already urged the congressman to step down from his office, his refusal to step aside after admitting of having relationship with six girls has angered them.


The Democrats want to add pressure to the congressman thus forcing him to step down from his office.  Perhaps this is because of the fact not only he has some lewd photo exchange with numerous women but also he lied about it.


According to Weiner, he may have out himself and his family under scandal but he never did break the law for doing that.


It is easy to take a leave of absence since all he has to do is to ask about it from the House speaker.


His friend and political mentor claimed that all those who were a longtime friend of the accused congressman feel distress and saddened about his recent actions.  In the end of his statement that he is happy that has taken the step to cure his problem on his own.


Even though Weiner already mentioned that he had not violated any laws, Pelosi has asked an ethics investigation to find out whether he did break any law, a move that would take months or even years.


Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that Weiner wrong doing has put shame for Congressman Weiner, his family, his constituents and the House.  If he still has ny pride left in him, he should step down on his own.


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