Anupam Kher’s house, under attack!

Mumbai: A terrible news horrifies the world of Bollywood. The veteran actor Anupam Kher is having a very hard time, after his house was attacked today. According to the police, the suspects are a group of activists. They are part of the Republican Party of India (RPI), and have protested to his remark made about the Indian constitution.

The attack consisted of stones being pelted at his house. Fortunately, the actor was not at home during the attack, around 8 p.m. His house in the suburban Juhu was not damaged seriously, but a couple of window panes have been broken.

The police rushed there as soon as they heard, and managed to capture no less than 11 people. They were all taken into custody and interrogated.

It seems that the remarks Anupam Kher made about the Indian Constitution were interpreted as offensive and against the constitution itself. The veteran actor expressed his support for the hunger strike started by Anna Hazare while talking to TV channels. In the Maharashtra Assembly, there has been a privilege motion moved against him.

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