Ashmit Patel: ‘I will lose my virginity when I am 43’

His twitter bio reads:  “Closet environmentalist, wannabe DJ, fitness maniac and a spiritualist with the heart of a hippie.” Well he defines himself quite well, we must admit. He is a dashing dude with a spunky attitude that keeps him right on his toes, always. He is unapologetic about his behaviour, he doesn’t care whether people like him, adore him or hate him. He is a man who lives by what his heart says and we simply love him for that. After a rough patch in his career and a series of unreasonable controversies, Ashmit was almost over and out! But with Bigg Boss breathing life into him, somewhere he got back what he wanted: His self-respect. In this crisp and crunchy chat, Ashmit shares his little secrets and what was everyone’s agenda while they targeted him for the entire MMS scandal. The eye candy of sorts however is not ready to go the typical way. He does not believe in the institution of marriage and hence wants to keep his options open! We get you boy!
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Passion, glamour, glitz, hard work, ability and expressions: A blend of which of the following do you see in a potential actress?

For me, passion and hard work seem to be the most essential qualities that an actor should possess. Glamour is an add-on, it comes from within. It is not an essentiality but just perception. Ability and expressions go hand in hand. If you can’t express, it’s because you don’t have the ability to do so.


Very few people know that you started off as an Assistant director to Vikram Bhatt and then you debuted in his film. How was it then? Did you always want to be an actor?

It was not always, not as a kid growing up. But once I decided to be an actor, I did my complete homework and be completely prepared which is why I joined Vikram Bhatt as an assistant. I also wanted to learn the ropes of film-making, know what the film sets are like. I wanted to be completely aware of the entire process that goes into film making. Acting is one fraction but there is so much that goes into making a movie. People think acting is a cakewalk but its not.

You have done so many films in your career till date. Even then, other than ‘Murder’, you have never tasted box-office success. Does that bother you at all?

It doesn’t bog me down but definitely, it would have been nice to have some more successful films. It helps you get more work coming in! You also get some quality work because now, the kinds of films I get are not the ones that I want to do! It would have been good if we could pick and choose form the best of them. I would still believe that I have given my hundred percent to all my films but as we all know, the rest is up to Destiny!

You were in the best phase of your career when the scandal episode took the industry by a storm. People started blaming you for everything. Were you strong even then?

I think it was not justified to blame someone without knowing the facts. They attributed everything to me without knowing the facts. You cannot just blame or accuse someone on something, so drastic. It was very irresponsible of the Media. It did upset me a lot and that is one thing that really bogged me down a lot. It played with the dignity of a woman, of someone who was very special to me. That was completely being tampered with, so it really hurt me and dissected me in a personal way.

What was the entire fuss about the MMS scandal?

I wouldn’t like to clear the air anymore. I think it is very obvious what the reality is. It is ridiculous to attribute that to me. Beyond that, I don’t want to say anything.

Are you still friends with co-contestants from Bigg Boss 4?

Yes, of course. Whoever I was friends with, in the house, they are still in touch with me. Be it Sara, Veena, Sakshi, Anchal or Hrishant. These are the few ones I am regularly in touch with. Abbas Kazmee called me few days ago; he thought it was my birthday.

Recently Veena confessed that you two were in a relationship. So what is the update on that?

She has never ever said that! We always call ourselves the best of friends. We are not in love or romantically involved at all! She was also having her ‘swayamvar’ and I am sure she will find her match very soon! So how can there be a relationship with me?

When are you planning to tie the knot eventually?

I am not planning anything at all! (Smiles) If that has to happen, it will happen. I don’t have any plans of getting married! I didn’t give myself a time-train that I have to get married by this age or this time. You find the person. You feel like this is it and then you just jump into it. I don’t know if I even believe in the institution of marriage at all.

You debuted on the small screen as a host with UTV Bindaas’s ‘Superstud’. How was the entire experience?

It was fantastic! It gave me the opportunity to connect with the youth, which is the blooming part of our population. After Bigg Boss, a lot of kids liked me and this was the way I connected to them post the show. I enjoyed this season and we are planning Season 2 now in the next couple of moths. So am looking forward to that.

Coming to your upcoming releases, when do we get to see you next on screen?

There is Florida Road. There is also a serous film based in the ‘40s! That’s up for release very soon. There is also a film which is about 60% complete. It is titled ‘Good Night’. There is a film which will go on floors in the first week of March called ‘Future Bright Hai ji’.


If you had to describe yourself in a few words, what would you say?

A seeker, a spiritual being and an ordinary person living an extra-ordinary life!

Something that turns you on: A good workout.

Something that turns you off: Hypocrisy and cigarette smoke.

The Age that you watched your first porn: (Laughs) that must have been long back. Maybe when I was 12! A friend showed it to me.

The Age at which you lost your virginity:  I wish I remembered. That is a complete blur. I guess its better kept a secret. (After a pause) I will lose it at the age of 43! (Laughs out loud)

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