Asin Acts Only With Team A

As everybody knows by now, Bollywood Actress Asin Thottumkal has always wanted to act only alongside actors of the Team A in Hollywood. In fact she made it quite clear and she refused to star in production with debutants are unpopular actors. However things are appearing to change as the actress has agreed to star in a new film alongside Neil Nitin Mukesh, actor who is not part of the top ten Bollywood superstars.

As sources close to the actress state we are expecting to see her as Neil Nitin Mukesh’s heroine. The new production in which Asin will supposedly star is director by none other than Ravi Chopra and it is called ‘Pocketmar’.

The actress made her stunning debut in the mega hit production ‘Ghajini’, were she stared alongside popular actor Aamir Khan. Over time she has been known to be very picky as she refused even some of the hotels male appearances of the moment. Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan are two of the actors that Asin refuses to perform with.

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