Asin and Salman got married in secret

The rumors in the Bollywood entertainment industry are that the hot couple of B-town, Asin and Salman have made the big step and got married this week. According to a south publication, the two had their wedding in a small gathering, only accompanied by their closest friends. The buzz is that even the parents of the bride were not invited at the ceremony. However it seems that they managed to find out and came in a hurry, trying their best to put an end to this relationship.

But it was only in a movie, to the disappointment of Asin, who said ‘I’ve finally done it’. Their wedding in the film really made Salman to joke a lot about it. Even though it was not real, the young actress felt just like she was getting married indeed.

This was her first Punjabi wedding and Asin considered it to be an adventure and lots of fun. In fact, the hot Bollywood couple had made the decision of having their own wedding in this style.

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