Big B’s fan website hacked!

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan has, like any respectable celebrity of Bollywood, a fan website. There is one problem, though. The actor had his fan website hacked!

Yes, it’s true, people are very interested in Amitabh Bachchan. So interested, in fact, that they would do anything to get more attention, or some inside scoop on the Big B. There was not only one hacker involved in the incident, but an entire group. They call themselves Cyber Sangbaaz, also known as Stone pelters, and once they managed to hack the website, they uploaded abd posted a very controversial audio and video message.

For all those curious about the message, check out the website: The hackers support the stone pelters group in Kashmir, and it is the first such incident when a group of hackers claim to endorse the Cyber Sangbaaz.

Amitabh did not react in any way about the message until now, but the news is still hot! We will be returning with more information about the topic as soon as we have it.

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