Bigg Boss 4 coming to an end

Mumbai: The last week of this amazing fourth season of Bigg Boss is expected to top all the rest of the season, and it is not going to be an easy job. The last four house mates are very tensed right now, Doli Bindra, of course, has many things to blame Khali, and Ashmit and Shweta are shocked with the accusations Dolly has against Khali.

Well, the last two days are getting more and more exciting. Bigg Boss has given the house mates a big red box. The box is locked, however, and all the four contestants are very eager to know what’s inside. And frankly, so are the viewers.

That’s not all! Bigg Boss announced that the inmates must decide themselves who should leave the house a day before the great final. As expected, the biggest reaction came immediately from Dolly Bindra, who denigrated Khali as much as she could. Is that enough to get the other contestants to vote for Khali, or just make them tired of Dolly and kick her out? We’ll see tomorrow.

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