Bigg Boss gets permission to air at 9 pm

It seems that now it is official, the reality TV show has been granted permission to air from 9 pm. The High Court of Bombay has made it ruling regarding Bigg Boss 4. The case of the particular TV channel was presented in front of the High Court of Bombay by senior council Ram Jethmalani.  

The arguments presented by the council nullified the new directives released by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry regarding the channel. However this permission has a few footprints, such as the fact that any inappropriate gestures made by the contesters will not be shown by in the TV reality show. Another obligation of the producers refers to the fact that must not show any sort of dialogue which must be beeped because of its obscene content.  

Before this, the Ministry of Information and Broadcast had released a notice to the channel, making the producers to move the time of the air. The motivation of this decision was the fact that the show was considered to be unpleasant and not fit for children.

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