Bipasha Basu shows her true colour. And Saif muses over Kareena and Agent Vinod!

Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu seems to be leaving old things behind these days. Not only has she moved forward in life leaving behind her disappointing split with long-time boyfriend John Abraham but she has also waved goodbye to her blondish tresses and gone for a makeover.

If you were bored of her same hair style & colour that she has been sporting for a long time, then you can feast your eyes on her fresh vivacious ‘red hair’ look that she is flaunting now. Dying her bushy hairs a deep, hot red, she seems contented with life as she announces on Twitter about her revamped look. “Changed my hair colour from my blondish look to a deep red colour! Quite a change! Can’t recognize myself,” she tweets in glee.

Her last release ‘Players’ had a disappointing run at the box office but her upcoming flick ‘Jodi Breakers’ opposite the maverick R. Madhavan has generated quite a cheery buzz. Besides, Bipasha is also all agog about the third edition of ‘Raaz’ horror franchise for which she has already begun shooting. ‘Raaz 3’ also features the fleshy Jacqueline Fernandez and the indispensable Emraan Hashmi.

Meanwhile, actor Saif Ali Khan has praised the great work done by girlfriend Kareena Kapoor in his home production ‘Agent Vinod’ that stars him playing a James Bond-esque spy. Kareena, an extremely versatile and talented actress, shall be seen performing stunts and kicking butts in this action-packed spy thriller. Bebo, who played a coy mother in Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Ra One’, will portray a Pakistani CIA agent in this action flick. Saif admits that he has been pretty bowled over by her remarkable facial expression and screen presence in the film. The action-oriented role has pretty much suited Kareena who has mostly been seen in rom coms.

Kareena has also expressed her yearning to play a romantic interest opposite Saif in a ‘Hum Tum’ like film. However, the ‘Aarakshan’ actor feels that the audience may not be too keen on watching them play lovers on screen since they already have a hit off-screen Jodi. Coming back to ‘Agent Vinod’ which will soon be hitting the theatres, Saif rubbishes aside the gossips that his character is entirely based on James Bond but goes on to remark that his action avatar has got shades of Bond, Jason Bourne as well as the much-adored Tintin.

We only hope Saif’s ‘Agent Vinod’ will be just as red hot as Bipasha’s freshly coloured hair. Amen!


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