‘Blood Money’ Not Erotica like ‘Naam’ or ‘Blood Diamond’ – Mahesh Bhatt

The leaked scenes from Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Blood Money’ stirred a hot streak in both the media and the public lately. But according to the Bhatt the act was only a mind work of a over presumptive PR personnel of the team who thought the act would bring more hype for the success of the movie. Bhatt himself agrees that this stunt has proved just the opposite for his film as the upcoming film ‘Blood Money’ is not erotic in any sense.

The film maker has never apologized ever for his bold and erotic movies in the past like ‘Murder’ and ‘Jism’ but this time himself agrees that the next movie has nothing like that in it. He thinks that the consequences of the leaked video would prove dangerous as the people who refrain from watching erotic movies will avoid hitting the theatres for this film and the people coming to witness erotic story will have to return disappointed.

The upcoming movie has Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri in the leads. The movie was compared to the Hollywood movie ‘Blood Diamong’ which had Leonardo DiCaprio in its lead. But Mahesh disagrees with it. He says the only similarity between the two movies is the diamond business plot which was equally important for his film. The Hollywood movie dealt just with the diamond industry whereas Mahesh’s movie tells the story of a guy who dreams to be big and rich and ends up living his dream only through means that are illegal and wrong.

Reportedly this movie is also said to be of the same plot as that of the same film maker’s previous movie of the 80’s ‘Naam’ starring Sanjay Dutt. ‘Naam’ also dealt with a story of a similar kind where a lower class family guy wanting to become rich takes up wrong path. According to Mahesh, though it is not wrong to copy one’s own movie, but still ‘Naam’ and ‘Blood Money’ is different. The only thing that the two movies have in common is the link to sin money.

Speaking about the story of the upcoming film Mahesh said that this is the story of a guy who dreams of big cars and plush homes. The guy travels abroad in link to a job where eventually he finds himself entangled in the web of peoples dealing in sin money. This is different from that of the 80’s plot. The film maker is also busy filming his next project “Jism 2’. ‘Blood Money’ is likely to hit the theatres March end.

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