Bollywood’s Blossomed Love Stories: Saifeena

Saif-Ali Khan

The Nawaab of all nawaabs, Saif-Ali Khan (41). A true performer, a true style icon for all. . . He started his career in Bollywood in 1992 with the film Parampara; although he won the Filmfare Best Male Debut award for his second film Aashiq Awara.

Saif with Ex-Wife Amrita and Kids (Ibrahim and Sara)

A year before entering the industry, 1991— Saif married Bollywood’s beautiful actress Amrita Singh; he spent 13 memorable years with her and had two beautiful children, Sara-Ali Khan and Ibrahim-Ali Khan. In 2004 the two got divorced because of some personal differences; the two children have been living with their mother since. Amrita seems to have kept a friendly gesture towards Saif; as sources say: “Saif is the father of our kids. He is family”  – Amrita had reportedly said this in 2007 to the media after reports of her being back with her ex husband Saif! She had clearly stated that they were not back together and never would be, she said Saif had moved on and that the only reason they might be seen together is because they have common friends as well as the fact that he was the father of her children hence would want to meet them.

After the divorce Saif was said to have been with his Italian girlfriend Rosa Catalona; Amrita had said she had nothing to do with his personal life it was his decision, his life, he could do as he pleased.In 2007 Saif was linked with Yana Gupta, Bipasha Basu as well as Kareena Kapoor; supposedly having possible affairs with them. Ofourse we all know who he was dating but Media needs gossip and that gossip can be created by a simple close friendship.

Having a break-up can be one of the hardest things for anyone; but coming out of it and being able to lead your life is what counts the most! Amrita and Saif have a friendly approach to one another. Having two children who you are connected to makes it harder for the two to not have a friendly approach. . . .


Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood’s Bebo, Madame Tussauds latest attraction and the box office’s number one actress hitting the peak with the highest grossing films in the history of Bollywood! Started her career opposite Abhishek Bachan in the film Refugee (2000); which became a success! She was originally meant to be the heroine of Rakesh Roshan’s film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai however, many days into the shooting she had left the project. Sources say she had stated: “It was probably destined that I was not to be in the film. After all, it was a launch for his son. The whole focus was on the boy. Now I am glad I did not do the movie“ .

Kareena and Shahid from the movie Jab We Met

During the shooting of the film Fida (2004), Kareena and Shahid Kapoor had started dating. They were in the limelight for the obvious reasons that they were dating as well as  for their constant attempts to get the audience to like their “Jodi”. . . I guess that was just not meant to be – 3 years after being together they had a break-up.

According to Shahid they had broken up on good terms, he had said in media reports: “I wish her all the happiness in the world. I have great respect for her. She is a wonderful girl.”  – Whoever said that you can’t be friends with your ex?!

Shahid and Kareena had many attempts at movies together but all were flops, some of which can be named are Chup Chupke, 36 China Town and a few others! They may have not got the success they wanted whilst together but they sure did reach the peak of their careers with them being paired opposite each other in Imtiaz-Ali’s Jab We Met (2007). It won Bebo Filmfare Award for Best Actress and had Shahid nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Actor. The Jodi was just meant to glisten after their break-up! There were many stories about them not getting along, but hey we have live proof of their good gestures!


The Perfect Two

They met in 2007 and fell in love. . . Before this Bebo wouldn’t have even imagined him as her life partner; he has been a co-star to her sister Karishma and has seen the two (Saif and Karishma) work on sets together. . . That was all she knew of him until destiny bought them together!

As Saif once told the Times of India “Kareena and I are extremely compatible” – I couldn’t agree less. . . It has now been 4years since they have been in this ever beautiful bond, each and every day we see them growing stronger as a couple. What would have seemed to be an “unusual” pairing is now classed as Bollywood’s HOTTEST couple! Since the two have been spotted together, they have been the apple of the media’s eye; constantly in the limelight for stories varying from their “so-called” arguments, their rumoured “secret wedding” or their plans for an official wedding. . .These two have been in constant media attention but unlike other past Bollywood couples these two had the maturity to not let anything affect them. They made one simple clarification for each story and moved on with their lives. . . I guess that is why they have remained so strong and are still together today. I am sure that anyone who sees these two would say “I want a love story like Saif-Bebo” and why not?

Saif & Bebo from the movie Kurbaan

They are the perfect two. . . Not just for the media but for each other! Let’s just say they go together like “Strawberry and Crème”!

In 2009 for the very first time Saif had publically talked of his and Bebo’s relationship. Before this they had not spoken of it in the open but had neither denied any reports of them two being together. . . I guess they were waiting for the right time for them to announce it, and why not? It isn’t a bad thought keeping it to oneself till you know for sure its going to last. . . What say?!

Saif and Kareena have tried to work their pairing off in the world of cinema, through films like Omkara (2006), Tashan (2008), they also got their voices used for the Bollywood cartoon Roadside Romeo (2008), Kurbaan (2009) and are now currently working on their new venture together Agent Vinod which is still being filmed and set to release early in 2012! Their pairing didn’t seemed to have worked for their early films; which is probably why Bebo is having to go through so a rollercoaster ride for Saif to make this movie a hit! Saif has reportedly said to Bebo that he would slap her if the movie is a success because she has been constantly nagging him throughout the shootings saying “No I don’t want to run, I don’t want to do action” – Looks like we are going to be seeing Bebo at her level best for her former boyfriend. . . We’ve seen the two in a love story, now its time to see the two doing an action movie together. . . Yes, we have seen Saif do it before but this time we’re going to be seeing the feminine beauty come out of her comfort zone and show us what she’s made of! Will this movie be a hit or not only time will tell; for now they are working really hard on the shooting of this film. . . We can only wish them the best of luck for their venture, hoping that this one will create the big bang they need. Considering Bebo is at the peek of her career right now, she would be wanting to see more hits to keep her at Bollywood’s number one!

You’d expect that someone who has a past life would want to keep it away from their current life; never the less in this love story, the two share literally EVERYTHING with one another. . . Even their past lives! Saif-Ali Khan has said to have introduced his children Sara and Ibrahim to his wife-to-be Kareena during many occasions. On a Coffee With Karan episode Bebo had talked about how she got along really well with the two children especially Sara; she had said that she was like a buddy to them, a friend. . . In the show to be exact “They already have a mother, they don’t need another mother. . . I think they just need a friend which I am” – It isn’t everyday we get to see someone wanting to be a friend to her boyfriend’s ex-wife and kids! Kareena truly has a heart so pure. Saif had also added during the show that sometimes the kids and Bebo tend to get together and take down Saif – the smiles on the two’s faces clearly showed how happy they were with the way things are now.

So we have seen that our Kareena gets a long pretty well with her boyfriend’s children but did you expect her to be just as easy with his ex-wife? Bebo was asked in an interview whether her and Saif talked about past relationships, her reply was “Not really. I respect the fact that Saif was married before and has two lovely children. I have been a fan of Amrita Singh. I haven’t met her ever but I know her through her films. For me, she’ll always have a place of importance in his life because she is Saif Ali Khan’s first wife and the mother of his children. And, I’ve told Saif this. I would want her to have that kind of respect always. This is what my parents have taught me. At the end of the day, it was just a marriage that didn’t work out. I have always encouraged Saif to be friends with her because I think that would be great. I guess they will just need time but that’s something that they would need to deal with. I will always respect her. As far as any other relationship of Saif is concerned, I don’t think they really mattered.” – Atleast we know that Bebo is not amongst those who selfishly want to keep their boyfriends to themselves neglecting their past lives and current responsibilities.

This coming 2012 is going to be having ringing wedding bells for the Kapoor’s and Nawaab’s. . . The couple have confirmed that after the release of their movie Agent Vinod they will be getting married; supposedly late February or early March, hopes are that there will be no delays for the release of their movie. Saif’s Mother Sharmila Tagore has also reportedly told the media that Saif-Bebo will be getting married “very soon”. . . If that isn’t enough than Soha-Ali Khan (Saif’s sister) has also told the media about the two tying the not in 2012 February/March! The 4 year long relationship is finally going to be bound together by the beautiful name of marriage! This looks like a wedding that the whole of India is waiting to see; grand it shall be. . . Now all we wait for is to see Agent Vinod released (hoping for its success) and then wait for the big announcement date of their wedding! Excitement galore. . . May God bless these two and help their strong relationship to be maintained as it is – Ameen!



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