Box-Office Update: ‘Jai Ho’

Words like ‘blockbusters’ and ‘record-breaking’ have become common these days. Not that films have stopped getting flop these days but when they run smoothly on the silver screen, records shiver in the fear of being broken. Especially with festive releases, least expected from these movies is that they break the last record. It has become a trend, a trend that is happening more frequently than ever.

While Shahrukh did it on Eid, breaking all the records, Aamir Khan gave SRK nightmares in Christmas. Not only Aamir’s ‘Dhoom:3’ surpassed ‘Chennai Express’ but it broke every single domestic record with its dream run. The movie has collected a mammoth total of 284.27 cr till now. Enter Salman Khan in the picture now! The darling of the masses is back after a long wait of sixteen months. Now what do you expect from the Khan who has been consistently successful in breaking his own records?


When ‘Jai Ho’ released this Friday, it had a few odds against it. The ticket prices hadn’t been increased, like it had happened with ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Dhoom:3’, and the songs weren’t superhit. Even the subject was under scrutinizing eyes. But does Salman give a damn about these things? No! Even his fanatics don’t. He is a league of his own. So, having the largest number of screen counts, when the movie released, it was Salman all over the country!

However, with ‘Jai Ho’, the darling Khan couldn’t do what he was expected of – break box-office records. ‘Jai Ho’, citing to the mixed reviews from critics, collected just 17.55 cr on Day 1, followed by a collection of 16.25 cr on Day 2. The figures were dismal considering it’s a Salman Khan release. However, the collections did soar on Sunday which was a National holiday too. ‘Jai Ho’ collected an impressive total of 25 cr on sunday, with the weekend’s total summing up to 58.80 cr. Impressive, but not record-breaking.

Yes, Salman has not broken any records this time. Actually the collections are far behind that of his biggies, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. The movie has suffered the working Friday hit too much this time. The unfavourable reviews have also surrounded the movie like a grey sky. Will the movie even cross the 100 cr mark is doubtful now.

Touted as a common man’s fight against corruption, ‘Jai Ho’ has come at a time when it’s a boiling issue. Aam-junta has embraced the movie like never before, appreciating the People’s Man fight. However, such enthusiasm from the audiences haven’t translated into big numbers. Will the weekday’s collections boost the business? We will wait and watch!


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