Brigitte Nielsen claims she slept with Arnold Schwarzenegger

As if the scandal that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not bad enough.  Now another scandal arises and it involves his former leading lady in Conan movie.  Brigitte Nielsen is claiming that she slept with the macho Schwarzenegger in the days.

Brigitte Nielsen is the blond bombshell during those times and is considered as one of the hottest actress.  The actress who once portrayed the role of Red Sonja in the Conan movie claims that she slept with his leading man while the actor is already married to Mariah Shriver.  She said it with pride in his voice as she was the first celebrity who had slept with the Terminator.  An affair that was unknown to even to Shriver until now.


Mariah Shriver and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called it quit since the former governor was proven to have an affair with their former maid behind the reporter’s back.  This affair resulted to a love child with Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Good thing that Mariah Shriver is as calm as she can when it comes to this matters since some of the famous couples who have the same fate are responding violently to the scandal to which they are facing.  Take into consideration what happened between golf champion Tiger Woods and his wife.  The first thing that Shriver did was to appear on national TV with the queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey on her now defunct TV show.  She then tells all what happened to her marriage with the Terminator star.

Now Brigitte Nielsen is even embarrassing the reporter further since she is telling everyone that she slept with the former governor behind her wife’s back.  This is the first time that a woman would tell anyone that she slept with someone and is proud of it.  Something that would certainly degrade her womanhood, sure that she will be on the limelight now but what happen next is going to be out of her hands.  Her career might suffer from it since she didn’t think about everything before spilling the beans.

She is one of the most beautiful and hottest female but ever since she shared this scandal with everyone, no one really knows how the entire world will will react to it.


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