Coke opens possibilities for Imran

Bollywood star Imran Khan is tied up in a new communication campaign, the Coca Cola’s “Shadow”, part of the “Open Happiness” campaign the company was developing in India. The “Shadow” commercial is the first one in the entire history of Coca Cola in India released on online media and mobile phones. The next step is about to be taken soon, with the launch of the ad on television.

The heartthrob Imran Khan is now being part of the campaign, which has already been viewed by more than 300,000 people and has over 90,000 online referrals. The aim of the company is to create a strong connection on an emotional level between themselves and India’s youngsters. They intend to do that by emphasizing the need of human beings to connect with other people around them, as Anand Singh, Director of Marketing of Coca Cola India explained.

As the ad says, Coca Cola opens up possibilities, and it sure opens a possibility for Imran Khan. The young star will connect with a girl in the ad through a bottle of Coke.

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