Controversy Queen Veena Finally Does It

Veena Malik! Does the name ring a bell? I am sure it does. After all she has been an absolute queen of controversies for quite some time now. Veena it seems is always in controversy for all the wrong reasons. Her first shot to fame came when she contested for the Big Boss house. Nor playing miss-goodie-two-shoes has its own advantages especially if you are on Indian television.

What might interest you is that Veena’s fans have mushroomed all over the globe ever since her appearance on the Colours Reality show. The Pakistani custodians of morality also added to her fame by objecting to this and that. After all you can be a Pakistani and a girl and do all that Veena did on Indian television. The objections made by the Pakistani’s might not have had any effect on the model however it sure added numbers to her fan list.

The controversial queen is back and trust me this time it only gets bigger. Veena has supposedly posed nude for an edition of the FHM India magazine that too with an ‘ISI’ tattoo flashing on her arms. This just can’t get better. Veena now is vehemently denying having ever posed naked for the magazine. The editor Kabeer Sharma however begs to differ. Kabber claims that he has a video and an email from Veena to prove that the picture is very much authentic. Veena might have threatened to sue the magazine but to what avail I wonder.

Comments from Pakistan have started pouring in as the countries Interior Minister Rahman Mallik denies having seen such pictures. Mr. Minister however added that if he does come across such pictures Veena will be prosecuted to the highest degree of law.

Women from all over the globe are coming forward to support Veena in her bold act. Tweets and comments seem to be flowing in all over the social networking sites. Many have come up supporting Veena and claiming that she has every right to pose in any way she wants. Some claim that this is nothing less than moral hypocrisy.

It however comes as no surprise that many have condemned Veena’s actions too. Social networkers from all over Pakistan seems to be wanting to cancel Veena’s nationality for her actions of showing off her hatred for the ISI. I can’t help but wonder why someone would tattoo a name of their arm which they hate.

As comments from both sides keep pouring in Veena is a state of constant denial. It seems that after all she has done she still does not want to be stripped off her Pakistani citizenship. Now whether she loves ISI or she hates it we have no way to find out. But it seems evident that she did pose naked for the magazine. See for yourself and decide.


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