Deepika Padukone Slaps TV Host

So much of slapping going around! I do not want to comment on whether the slap that Harvinder Singh landed on agriculture minister Mr. Sharad Pawar was right or wrong. It’s a rather complicated issue involving more than just politics but we sure can discuss Bollywood slaps.

Bollywood heartthrob Deepika Padukone recently made news with something other than acting. Yeah! Right! A slap is the foolproof plan to ultimate fame. The industry has changed in different aspects over time but the basics of getting publicity seem to remain the same.

Off late Deepika slapped a television host Vivaan in a newly launched show on Zoom TV. She also had an explanation to the same. Read on and judge for yourself whether the reason was justified.

The actress later stated that the achor of the particular show, Vivaan is a known face to her. He had apparently worked with the famed actress in a not so famed movie, i.e. ‘Karthik calling Karthik’. The slap as it seems was a mere hello to an old acquaintance. Trust me it all started with a slap.

In an interview to a reputed daily the actress clarified that her first shoot of ‘Kartik calling Kartik’ was with Vivaan and it apparently was a scene where she had to slap him. Deepika felt that as it was the first episode of the show it ought to start with a slap. Smart though eh! Well she sure is showing a bold face to the media and her fans worldwide. Deepika also seems to have handled the situation in a pretty cool manner.

For the TV hosts let’s hope Deepika is no more invited to first episodes of shows especially with people she has had a history of slapping. Bold and the beautiful! Is it?

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