Deepika will attend Imran’s wedding ceremony

Mumbai: As the invitations for the pre-wedding party Imran Khan and his fiancé are hosting have been sent a while back, all the actors, and most of all actresses, have announced their arrival. Deepika Padukone came sooner from her backpacking trip in England to attend the party.

Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone romanced in the film “Break-Ke Baad”, and Imran wanted his friend to be there and share his happiness.

The wedding will take place on January 10th, and Imran Khan will tie the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Avantika Malik. The ceremony will be Mehendi and Sangeet, and no one apart from the family will be attending the wedding.

That is why the couple decided to throw the pre-wedding party and have their friends with them. However, there is one lucky person who will be there for both parties. Deepika will attend the ceremony as well, and the actress is very happy to be invited. After the ceremony, the actress will attend the night-long party, which is expected to start around 9 p.m.

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