Desi Boyz & the Dirty Picture Passes Censor Board without Cuts

Amongst widespread speculations about the partiality the censor board shows towards big filmmakers the board today passed of two upcoming movies without a single cut. Many of the small budget filmmakers have often accused the censor board of being biased towards the more famed ones and the censor board proved it true yet again by passing Desi Boyz and The Dirty Picture without any cuts.

The two most awaited movies of the time were examined by the Censor board and guess why they found no offending content in either. The decision to pass both the flicks with no cuts has left many in a state of shock. Apparently both the films got away with a mere ‘A’ certificate.

The Akshay Kumar and John Abraham starrer Desi Boyz seem still disappointed however. It’s makers quoted that they were expecting nothing more than a U/A certificate coz the big budget film starring Akshay, John, Chitrangada and Deepica is supposed to be a family film. The makers seem to be anticipating a lot of trouble mere coz their so called ‘family film’ was branded an ‘A’. One reason for the board’s decision might be the fact that both the lead actors Akshay and John play male strippers in the upcoming flick.

Quite contrary to this feeling the makers of The Dirty Picture who were pretty unsure of the censor board’s decision till sometime back seem pretty glad that their movie was passed without any cuts. It was in news that the Andhra Pradesh High Court had sent the censor board a notice enquiring if the movie was suitable to be released. However, the censor board seems pretty sure that the movie is perfect for release to all adults. I bet the makers of the movie were surprised that the onlookers when the movie passed through the censor board without a single cut.

The role of the censor board has been in speculations lately over releasing films with objectionable content just for the big film makers whereas the small time makers have to sweat it out to get simple sequences passed. Biased or not we are not sure but the chance of watching a completely uncensored film does bring excited smiles on a lot of faces.

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