Despite good box office opening, Kahaani fails to match TDP

Vidya Balan seems to be going through the golden phase of her life. After a thumping box-office success of her back-to-back releases in 2011 (No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture), the lady with a bulging belly is back to haunt the Indian silver screens once again. And Vidya, who just picked up the coveted National Award trophy for Best Actress (TDP), got more than she had bargained for in the form of a powerful box office opening for ‘Kahaani’.

‘Kahaani’ recorded an opening day collection of Rs 85 lakh. But despite the sluggish start, it picked up speed as great critical reviews and word-of-mouth publicity escalated mass interest. Friday’s collections soared to Rs 2.7 crore and on Saturday, the collections hovered between Rs 4.5-4.7 crore.

‘Kahaani’ traces the life of a pregnant woman hunting for her lost husband on the unfamiliar streets of Kolkata. The film may not have made as explosive an opening as its predecessor ‘The Dirrty Picture’ but the graph is showing a rising trajectory. It’s to be noted that ‘Kahaani’ neither had the backing of a powerful Ekta Kapoor nor did it have a veteran superstar in the form of Naseeruddin Shah. Besides, Sujoy Ghosh’s film also didn’t have any titillating ‘Oooh Laa laa’ number. Yet, the film beautifully captures the culture & tradition of Kolkata with impeccable finesse.

Sujoy Ghosh has painted a perfect picture of the Kolkatan lifestyle and has dabbled hard to beautifully render the riotous festival of Durga Puja. For obvious reasons, it’s expected that the Calcutta crowd will definitely queue up outside the theatres in humongous numbers to catch up with this electric-paced thriller.

Kumar Mohan from Complete Cinema is expecting a box office earnings of around Rs 11 crore in the 1st week. And this is no mean feat, given that Vidya was the only known face of the film. Still, the good reviews may not entirely transit into cash box riches as the film is unlikely to come close to TDP’s collections.

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