Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan together

Rumors in the B-town industry are that the company started by them is going to be a very successful one. They have lease the space for their office, and even printed business cards. The future looks very promising, as they intend to make lots of pictures.

They really have a professional life to look forwards together, with very exciting scripts to put into films, with their single goal being the entertainment of audiences.

In a recent interview Zayed Khan has said that he and Dia go way back, and they have always been the best of friends. Dia Mirza has indeed confirmed this, saying that they got to be good buddies over the year, but in her opinion the time when she really got close to him and his wife was at the time of their wedding.

They always get together on every special event in their life, such as birthdays or other special occasions. She wanted to add that she even feels close to Zayed’s son, Zidaan who represent the new force to get them even closer together.

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