Didn’t refuse to work with Emraan: Bipasha Basu

Actress Bipasha Basu is quite serious about her acting assignments and she likes to get into the skin of the character. Bipasha has proved her acting capabilities in several films. Bipasha always ensures that she always looks good with the person she is paired to in films. Bipasha will be sharing screen space with Emraan Hashmi in ‘Raaz 3 but she had several  issues of being cast opposite to him earlier  as she felt that she will not  look good with Emraan .

“I did not refuse to work with Emraan. It is just that I couldn’t work with him earlier. He was really young and I saw him when he was 18, as an assistant director on ‘Raaz’. When we were approached for a film, I looked way older than him because of my weight. Today, I look younger than I looked then,” Bipasha said. “I also have to be convinced that I should look good with whoever I pair up with on-screen,” she said.

Bipasha has some reservations about working with Emraan earlier because she felt that she would look old while being paired opposite to Emraan.

Bipasha clearly cleared the air on why she did not give her nod of working with Emraan earlier as Emraan was just eighteen years old then and he worked as an assistant director for Raaz. Bipasha also added that she had piled on weight and she felt that she would look older if she was paired with Emraan then. However Bipasha has shed her weight and is confident of working with Emraan as she feels she will look younger than she did earlier. Bipasha also added that she needs to be fully convinced that she would look good with the co-star she is paired opposite to.

Recently when Bipasha was questioned about whether  would refuse a  role if she  found out that she did not look good with her co-star she replied that she would refuse the offer altogether . Bipasha added that since it was her life she is the sole decision maker regarding her assignments.

Bipasha has been signed opposite to Emraan Hashmi for a 3D horror film Raaz 3 which is a sequel to ‘Raaz The Mystery Continues. The film will be released on August 2012. Regarding kissing scenes with any actor Bipasha feels quite jittery

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