Dino Morea: The Dimpled Flamboyance

An actor who has reconstructed himself in the years that he has spent in the industry, Dino has always been upto something new: from modeling to taking the much wanted leap into the world of films, this charming Bolly dude has always been in news, thanks to his outrageous relationships and his candylicious looks! Today, Dino stands tall as a supermodel cum Bolly actor cum restaurateur. And the newest addition to his cap would be his first time experience of production as he turned producer with the year’s most anticipated erotic thriller, Jism 2!

After Jism 2 went and squashed few set records, sometimes rising to the peak and at times sinking below trace level, the joint producer Dino Morea is all smiles with what his first film has achieved. Over to him for more:

Passion, glamour, glitz, hard work, ability and expressions: A blend of which of the following do you think is essential in an actor?

As an actor, you need to tap into various qualities, which you so mentioned. As an actor, you are portraying different characters that have these qualities. To be a good actor, one needs to have an experience of all these characteristics. These will just help you play your role even more effectively. After all, an actor has to grow through all.

You jumped into the Bollywood arena after a crash course in modeling where you walked the ramp for many renowned designers. From a model to an actor then, was the transformation tough or easy for you?

The transformation from one to the other was very easy because people had seen me modeling, so they kind of knew who I was. They knew my capability because I had done a few ad films too. The transformation was easy, but sustaining is another diff story. Once you get into this industry, sustaining your stardom and making the right choice of doing films, that’s quite a tough call.

Your debut film got you noticed and then Raaz gave you the necessary recognition at a time when Bollywood was ruled by a myth that Models cant act! You broke that myth.

Well, absolutely! I had said this in my interviews then and I am saying in my interviews now that this is a total fallacy. It is a myth and people should stop asking questions about myths. They are myths and you only prove them wrong!

The last film that gave us a hint of your presence was ‘Pyaar Impossible’ way back in 2010. What is the reason behind you doing fewer films?

I was looking for a good script, because I feel the next movie I do has to create some impact. Otherwise there is absolutely no point in doing a film that wouldn’t do anything for me. Right now I am quite low. So when stocks are concerned, I can only choose to go higher. You need to have producers making a film which will make an impact on the audience who will surprisingly say, “Oh, here’s Dino!”

You turned producer with Jism 2 and the film has done excellent business in its first week. Did the turnout match up to your expectations?

Well, I did expect a lot because I was associating myself with a brand which is fantastic whose story is written by one of our most prolific directors, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt! So I expected Jism 2 to do really well and it has rather surpassed my expectations. I didn’t expect it to break ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘Murder 2’ on its opening day. It did, and it can go only higher and higher from here. I am proud to be associated with this brand being my first production!

Jism 2 was always in the limelight, be it the national coverage on Bigg Boss or the scintillating poster release. The entire euphoria that surrounds the film is largely credited to Sunny Leonne, without a doubt. How were your equations with her?

Before we signed her, it was the brand and the poster released that kind of created a huge buzz around about the movie. We released the poster first and that’s what created the biggest buzz. It was on the covers of every Times Of India daily. Then after when Sunny came into Bigg Boss we had Mahesh Bhatt go in and offer her the film on national television. The way we cast her for the film created ripples across the industry yet again. It was all done in a sequence that led up to the hungama which was happening. It was not just sunny Leonne but everything that was nicely planned and organized. Everybody wants to go and watch the film. Regardless of what they think of the film, they are still interested in watching it on screen, even out of curiosity. So according to me, our marketing has been very extensive!

You co produced the film with Pooja. How was it gelling with her?

Well, we go back a long way! I worked in a movie with her as an actor. So we do share a great friendly relationship and that’s how it made working a little easier.

After this, what’s keeping you on your toes?

Acting in films as well as producing films is what I intend to do now. At the moment, I am reading a couple of scripts, both as an actor and as a producer.

You have had several feathers on your cap now. You are a model, actor, restaurateur and a producer now. If you were asked to choose one of the following work, which would you choose and why?


I do all of them because I love each and every aspect of what I do. So I like doing all of it. But still my passion lies in standing in front of the camera and portraying a new role each time. That’s where my passion else, everything else is a part of my ambition.

From the day you started, you had been in news for your chiseled body and attractive looks. You have been numerously linked to people every often but each time you chose to stay silent. Any plans of marriage on the cards?

Hopefully soon, I would be tying the knot. But yes, I have always chosen to be silent about my personal life because that’s called Private for all obvious reasons. Its meant to be private, not meant for people to intrude. Why make it public? (He signs off)


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