Dolly Bindra – loud again

When this energetic contestant from the hose of Big Boss had returned she seemed rather calm, but in the end she managed one again to lose her temper and act like a volcano. She was once again like in the past, aggressive, loud and outspoken. Dolly even started an argument with Ashmit Patel, which resulted in a war of words.

It all started when Dolly pointed the finger at Ashmit and Veena because they did not do their chores around the house. She was very much against the two doing the garden chores, as they are always lazy and have not done any actual work.

She tried these last few days to maintain her calm and be very quiet, and at the same time everybody saw that she avoided all fights. This calm behavior really helped her to add friends on her list, but when she lost it again her friend list got shorter once again. Even Shweta Tiwari started bitching about her. However her behavior does manage to draw the attention of the audience.

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