Elle Magazine whiteness the B-town celebrities

One of the most prestigious magazines in India, but also in the entire world has been recently accused of whitening the skin of the celebrity in age of 37 years old. The actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appears in quite a few shots with noticeable whiter skin color. The responses of the fans regarding this subject were numerous.

They did not like the fact that the magazine presented the Bollywood super star ‘bleached’. Some stated that it appears that the light skin is always in fashion, while the darker one is something to be embarrassed about. The massage that Elle Magazine is seeding is a wrong one, have said many of the fans.

It seems that this particular episode was not the only one. The famous magazine was accused previous to have bleached the skin of another celebrity, the famous Gaboury Sidibe. Of course the magazine did not admit it. This subject is very controversy in India, a place where the cosmetic ‘whitening’ industry is worth millions, despites the large number of voices against it.

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