Emerald stone for SRK

The latest Bollywood news shows that SRK has received an emerald stone ring from his wife Gauri. Due to the fact that he has experienced a lot of health problems lately, Guani made the decision of seeing an astrologist who advised her to get such a ring for her husband.

It is the first time that King Khan has come even remotely close to this area. He has made the decision of staying far away from everything related to numerology, astrology, tarot and other such things. Unlike many other celebrities in the Bollywood film industry, Shahrukh Khan does not believe in good luck charms. He has never in his entire career done not even one thing for his luck or his films.

After he has returned from Berlin, everybody saw this new golden ring, the only one seen wearing since ever. As astrologist state, this particular ring is recommended to those needing help regarding their health. Due that lately the health of the Bollywood superstar has been a cause for concerns, Shahrukh Khan made the decision of wearing it.

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