Emraan’s Son Diagnosed With Cancer!

‘Serial kisser’ as they famously call him, Emraan Hashmi is quite opposite to his onscreen image. He is a complete family man. Never involved in any affair, the ‘Muder’ star has a beauty family to look after, a beautiful wife and a cute son. However, as per latest news, our favourite star is running into deep trouble these days.  His four year-old son, Ayaan Hashmi had been sick for few days and now he has been detected with cancer. Yes, a cancer! Doctors have clearly told that the bone marrow scan clearly shows a malignant tumour in a kidney of the little boy. But since the tumour has been detected of being a first-stage cancer, it is curable. Sigh!


Breaking the saddening news, a disturbed Mahesh Bhatt confronted the reporters that he had got a call Emraan around midnight this Monday. Emraan had called him from Hinduja Hospital and was completely shattered to speak of his child’s ailment. He was frail and broken, fumbling while speaking.

Later, Mr. Bhatt went to Emraan’s place and asked the troubled mother and father to get hold of them. He told them that he has a firm believe that the tough phase will pass soon. With mutual consent of doctors, they have decided to get immediate surgical interventions for Ayaan, after which the strategy for future treatment will be decided and that would probably mean chemotherapy.

A sad but strong Emraan has decided and prepared himself to stride through this tide and not get any of his producers in loss. He will be completing all his professional commitments and will be doing them with utter dedication too. His next movie, ‘Mr. X’, which was to be shot in South Africa will now be shot in Mumbai, allowing him to stay close to his dear son.

We sincerely pray for our favourite star to glide through this extremely tough phase and stand victorious. May God shower his blessings on Ayaan!

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