Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s work just as relevant today

New Delhi: The works of the Pakistani master Faiz Ahmed Faiz have not lost its truth and vision of the world, and are still relevant to the society we live in even today, 26 years after the poet’s death and many more since he has started his work. The social and political challenges which have been captured perfectly in his verses, reflecting the humans in their worse or their better moments, are the same today that they were when the poems were written.

“Hum dekhenge” or “Mujhse pehli si mohabbat” are two works that Faiz Ahmed Faiz has written, that capture the essence of the world, according to his daughter, Moneeza Hashmi. She says that all her hope comes from her father’s poetry. 100 years since his birth will be celebrated in India as well in New Delhi, this year, on the 25th of February.

Moneeza confesses openly that she has not understood the true meaning of her father’s poetry when he was still alive, but now she has, and his work is the one thing that makes her connect with her father.

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