Farah admired Katrina’s strides

Katrina Kaif was Saturday on a promotion for her latest movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’, produced by none other than famous Farah Khan. The press was more than anxious to get a glimpse at the hot Bollywood star. As everybody wanted a piece of them and the change to interview the cast of the film, Akshay took a stand and asked everybody to do the press conference first and after the photos – to avoid that things of going out of control.

At the press conference one of the main topics were related to the comparison made between Katrina Kaif and international superstar Shakira. Katrina said that she is very thankful to the director, as she was the one who gave her the steps that best suited the Bollywood actress.

Furthermore it seems that even Farah Khan is quite proud of Katrina’s strides. She has made it possible for the actress to learn the item number by giving her a dance assistant. In the end all turned out for the best, as the item number has become very popular worldwide.

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