From TV To The Big Screen

Many of the young movie stars began their career in showbiz with small roles in commercials or TV series.

Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes are just some of the actresses who have jumped from the small screen to the big screen. See who else is in the list!


Mila Kunis

Along with Ashton Kutcher, Mila starred in the hit television series “The 70s Show. ” Later, Mila Kunis has accepted the big-screen roles in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Date Night” and “Black Swan ” She stars alongside Justin Timberlake in “Friends with Benefit”.

mila kunis

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

After leaving the Disney show “Hannah Montana”, Miley was cast in the feature film “The Last Song”, which has not enjoyed much success. She is currently working on the movie “LOL” with Demi Moore, Thomas Jane and Ashley Greene.


Katie Holmes

katie holmes

Katie became known after her role in TV series “Dawson’s Creek. ” She arrived on the big screen with roles in “Disturbing Behavior, ” “Wonder Boys, ” “Phone Booth” and “The Gift”.

Keri Russell

keri russel

After four seasons in the series “Felicity”, Keri moved to the big screen. She starred in “Mission: Impossible III”, “August Rush” and “Bedtime Stories”

Jessica Biel

jessica biel

Former girlfriend of Justin Timberlake’s hit the big screen after the success of TV series “7th Heaven “.

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