Gautam Gambhir congratulated by SRK through an SMS

New Delhi: The two wins of the two matches that India has played so far in the world cup final have impressed Shah Rukh Khan so badly, that he simply could not resist himself and send a text message to Gautam Gambhir, congratulating him for his amazing performance, and the entire team of India for their success and wished them the best of luck in their future matches.

The Indian player has been moved by this gesture of the actor, and did not expect it. He later spoke to the press, explaining that the he had appreciated the gesture coming from SRK, and that it had felt very good to know that he is appreciated for his work and talent. Gautam Gambhir is very excited to be playing for KKR, who have bought him in the IPL bidding, for the value of Rs. 11 crores.

Ever since the IPL auction took place, Gautam Gambhir and Shahrukh Khan have not had many chances to meet and chat, as the actor has been very busy with his films, and Ghambir with his own matches.

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