That cute smile and bubbliness has always tugged a heart with numerous viewers. Having started her career with ad films, her first foray into films was with her now beau Riteish Deshmukh in Tujhe Meri Kasam followed by numerous movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Now seven years of courtship later, Genelia and Riteish finally got married recently with great aplomb. That hasn’t stopped them from fulfilling their commitment towards their work though. Keeping their honeymoon aside, the couple has been promoting their recently released Tere Naal Love Hogaya with sincere dedication. In a chat with Bollygraph, Genelia talks to us about her love and work.

Describing her character as bubbly and adventurous, Genelia clarifies that her character Mini is different from Kareena’s Geet from Jab We Met. A sweet love story, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya has been attracting the viewers’ interest for the freshness this couple brings to the screen. Not many know but Genelia is a hard pleaser when it comes to the music of her movies. “I am very anal about my songs and I always say, ‘Ya, it’s nice but we could have had a better song!’ she says, ”But this is the only film – and I can say that truly out of all the films I have worked in – that I have liked all the songs. The degree differs of course. I like some songs better than the others. But there is not one song in the film that I did not like. Sachin-Jigar have put in their heart and soul into making this album. Just see the amount of views these songs have on the internet or even the TV. So I know for the fact that these songs are good and doing well.” Genelia was surprised with the growth and spontaneity of Riteish as an actor. So was this something which she didn’t notice when she met him? “No, no, absolutely no. We were just two kids doing what the director told us.” Having started her career at the age of 15, she really didn’t get to enjoy her teen years much which is why she enjoys playing fun characters on screen. And having fun on the sets too. What was the masti she did? We are sure there are many favorite moments for her from the shooting of this film. “Yes there are so many (fun moments). We used to go out every day to restaurants, you know, the whole gang. We used to play a lot of games on the sets and during the time of lighting and all we would not be confined to our room. Everyone used to come together and do something or the other; Riteish used to gather everyone, he has the habit of doing this, and play together. It has been one of the best experiences.” The shooting was wrapped up in a pretty decent time. “50 days? (looks at her manager). Ya a little more than 50 days for the shoot.”

Looking all colorful and lovely in the movie we couldn’t help but ask her who had done her styling for the movie. “Priyanjali. Isn’t she good?” she asks, ”That’s one of the first things that has come up from everyone. She has done a great job. I am wearing a mix but yes I am wearing a lot of Indian. Basically keeping in mind the Haryanvi culture…” Did she do any particular studying for her character? Like the culture, the background she comes from? “It was a very easy character. To be honest, Mini’s major traits are being spontaneous and sparky. Very normal, believable. If you see in the entire movie I am with very little make up or no make up. I just had to be in the character.”

Genelia interview2 With the newly married bride in front of us we have to ask the lovely gal about how she feels. Since marriage is such a huge step, isn’t she apprehensive?  “I don’t know what I am getting into. I am just going with the flow. I am excited!” The promos show her character making Riteish’s Viren literally dance to her tunes. So is it the same off screen too?  “He made me dance! (laughs) No I didn’t but in the film I got my turn.” So who wears the pants in their relationship? “I think both of us don’t. The thing is that we both are individuals in a relationship so we have retained our individual traits. We have me being me and him being him. As a person I am extremely independent that even at work I am very independent. But whenever Riteish is around I get a lot more dependent. So I am more of the kid in the relationship I think. I look up to Riteish a lot.” That’s sweet we must agree. What was that one thing about Riteish that really charmed her, we ask,” I always felt Riteish was a really charmer. He can charm anyone. He has this gift of charming people – when I think of that I feel lucky! Another thing – and it’s a fact – is that he treats women so well. I know guys who treat women well but they have this male ego which dominates them. Riteish is easy to mingle with and has incredible innocence which makes people like him.” In spite of the recent marriage they seem to be having full-fledged promotions without any breaks…”The film will have promotions irrespective of the marriage. We are fully into the film,” Genelia states like a true professional.

Marriages often mean a full stop for the careers of many actresses. Many out of their own will, many unwittingly. Will she continue working at the same pace? “At the same pace I am not sure as priorities change but work will still continue,” Genelia signs off with her heartwarming smile and a promise to try to remain just how she is.

We wish Genelia all the happiness for her married life as well as success for her movie which released this Friday. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is the story of Viren (Riteish Deshmukh) a rickshaw driver who works very hard to earn his livings. Mini (Genelia D’souza), on the other hand, is a rich brat who her father is trying to get married off but none of the suitors seem to please her. In a chance of fate, an accidently kidnapping ensues where the so-called kidnapper may actually be the one kidnapped. What loves is a sweet story between these two.


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