Happy Birthday to Dharmendra!

One of the most popular and famous stars in the Bollywood entertainment industry is none other than actor Dharmendra. Today the well liked Bollywood icon is celebration his birthday, his 75th one to be exact. Actor Dharmendra is one of the very first macho men in this film industry.

Today, even though he has just turned 75 years old, the actor appears better than ever and surprisingly he is more eager to work than a 25 year old actor. More than once, Bollywood superstar Dharmendra has stated that in his personal opinion the movie industry is not just a place of work. He considers the job of making movies a significant part of every actors life. To him personally it was the place where he had the chance to meet the love of his life, Hema Malini. He shares many wonderful memories were created here, in Bollywood.

Even at this age, Dharmendra continues to play in film and even has his own production house. His latest movie is called ‘Yamla Pagla’ and it’s a comedy featuring Sunny and Bobby.

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