Happy Feet Two – Movie Review, Details, Credits

Happy Feet Two releases today with oomph. The original part of the flick was made in 2006 and it had emerged as a blockbuster. The enterprise carries the saga of an alienated monarch penguin Mumbles traced authority via tap dancing.

The film has been directed by George Mitchell, who has previously directed by the flicks like Mad Max (trilogy) and Babe: Pig in the City.

George Miller and Warren Coleman take the writing credits of the movie.

The sequel to Happy Feet brings the George Mitchell to co-direct this saga with Gary Eck. The reels open up straight with the main character Mumbles (Elijah Wood) who has now grown up and is simply attuned who yields the responsibility of self- unearthing to his son, Erik (Ava Acres). The son Erik has taken no ingenious moves from his father.

Happy Feet Two seems intentional on reprocessing its precursor’s basic subject. The flick unexpectedly changes the route and heads on the diversions.

The narrative seems incongruent, though appears simply pleasurable when seen in isolation, and loosing grip. It does entertain the viewer but at the same time leaves the audience discontented.

Happy Feet Two carries a number of cheering and alluring tracks and dance songs having Alecia Moore giving her renditions to entice the souls. Robin Williams too makes his entry for enacting double tasks as Ramon (a minuscule over-sexed Latin lover) and Lovelave (a fierce parson). Robin’s insatiable scenery-consuming is much attractive. Hank Azaria as Sven acts as a charismatic penguin who has the ability to fly.

The most alluring moments of the flick emerge with the profile additions of the stars like Bard Pitt and Matt Demon (giving voice-overs as Will and Bill).

Happy Feet Two has nothing much to rave big about. The flick, though can allure the kids, but in a capsule, it does not have any merits at all. The execution is lackluster. The movie does not have any prospects to bind the viewer till the final reels.

The sequel to Happy Feet will go waste in terms of business at the box office. Whether the movie would be able to at least cover up the cost or not, it is still unpredictable, as there is no scope attached to this project. Let’s wait and watch what happens to this enterprise!

On the whole, Happy Feet Two is better to be missed and rather than wasting the costly time, one should sit back and enjoy some good movie on DVD while sipping a cup of coffee, drinking cold drinks with snacks.

[xrr rating=1.5/5]

– Film Critic; Goher Iqbal Punn


Movie Credits:

Director: George Miller

Writers: George Miller and Warren Coleman

Cast:  Elijah Wood (voice), Eva Acres (voice), Sofia Vergara (voice), Brad Pitt (voice) and Matt Damon (voice)

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