Happy Feet Two – Movie Preview

Warner Brothers’s production, ‘Happy Feet Two’ is the directed venture of George Miller that stars Carlos Alazraqui (voice), Lombardo Boyar (voice), Jeffrey Garcia (voice), Sofia Vergara (voice) and Robin Williams (voice). The film is being awaited hugely by the audiences. George Miller, the director of the flick, along with Warren Coleman scribble down the story of the film.

The movie, ‘Happy Feet Two’ takes the viewers back to the remarkable landscape of Antarctica in classy 3D.

Happy Feet Two has been shot at various eye-candy locations like Fox Studios, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia and New South Wales.

Made with the budget of $130 million, the film has music by John Powell and Pink. With running time 105 minutes, this outing would be distributed by Warner Bros.

Happy Feet Two is a computer animated 3D movie that would be released in theaters with Looney Tunes. A sequel to Happy Feet, the film is mainly targeted to the kids and the younger audiences but the adults too can equally generate the liking and pleasures from the content and the animation of this extravaganza.

Fact remains that Brittany Murphy, who had lent her voice for Gloria – Mumble’s love, was geared up to doll up the voiceover in 2010 but she could not continue with the job as she passed away with pneumonia on December 20th 2009.


Mumble gets problems by the time his son Erik begins to feel reluctant in dancing. He escapes from the father’s place and bumps into The Mighty Sven, who is a flying penguin. Mumble is swathed with no hope to compete with this magnetically fascinating latest role model. Soon everything starts getting worse when the world gets waggled by the strapping powers. Mumble then brings all the penguin nations and their associates together to make the things right on track.

The release date of Happy Feet Two has been set as November 18th 2011 all over.

Movie Credits:

Producer: George Miller, Bill Miller and Doug Mitchell

Banner: Warner Brothers

Cast: Carlos Alazraqui (voice), Lombardo Boyar (voice), Jeffrey Garcia (voice), Sofia Vergara (voice) and Robin Williams (voice)

Music: John Powell and Pink


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