Help for 95-year-old actor, A. K. Hangal

Mumbai: The famous actor Aamir Khan is not only a great actor and handsome man, but also a very generous and thoughtful person. The actor recently spoke of the character artist A. K. Hangal, who is in need. Aamir said that he will do the needful for the 95 years old artist. Hangal is now languishing in penury.

Aamir stated that he has done what he could for the artist in the past, and that there must be something to be done for him. The actor insists that he will find out somehow what there is that can he can do make it happen.

Aamir Khan met Hangal while they were working together for the same project, “Laagan: Once Upon A Time in India”. Hangal is an excellent actor, former professional tailor, who lives in poverty in a very modest ground floor flat, in Santacruz East at the Saraswati Apartments. He cannot afford to pay for his medical bills. His 75 years old son, Vijai is taking care of him, but he himself had to give up his job because of his medical problems.

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