Hema Malini teams up with Dharmendra and Esha

One of the biggest super stars in B-town, Hema Malini is planning to take the mike once again, in order to do her upcoming film. This new production involves a few great named from the film industry of Bollywood. After a break of over 18 years, she has made the decision of coming back to the world of movies to act alongside her husband and her daughter.

Everyone is now more than curious to see the Hema, Dharmendra and Esha working together on this big screen production. A reliable source said that Hema Malini really had a blast while shouting directions at her daughter Esha and her husband Dharmendra.

Of course, Dharmendra is quite known for his bad temper and his refusal to be told what to do, and in fact the actor did make some objections to her directing. But it seems that in the end he and all of the other actors had to listen to her indications. Now we can only wait to see the outcome of this collaboration.

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