Hollywood Movies We Would Have Loved To See Hrithik Roshan In!

It is undeniable – Hrithik Roshan is one of the brightest stars of Bollywood ever! From his ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ to ‘Dil Tu Hi Bada’ days, the superstar has always managed to make ladies go gaga over him. And not just the ladies, the Bang Bang actor has a huge male fan following too, every other guy wants to have a body like him.

An athletic body with those bulky muscles and tight abs, Hrithik Roshan is the name that automatically comes to one’s mind to answer the question, ‘Who is the one Bollywood actor who can make it big in Hollywood?’


Not just the green-eyed actor posses the Greek God looks, his honest and dedicated performances in his movies too cement of the claim. Even director Shekhar Kapoor, who was keen to direct the Krrish star in his futuristic movie, Paani, had said the same. “Some years ago, I predicted he (Hrithik) would be the first Indian actor to hit Hollywood big time. Like I mean really, in the A-list. I am surprised that he has not done so. Maybe he will, after the next Krrish,” the celebrated director had said.

But, now, since our superstar has not shown any inclination to fly West yet, we at bollygraph.com list a few Hollywood movies we would have ‘loved’ to see Hrithik Roshan in. Take a look.


Casino Royalehrithikroshan008

‘Who could one Bollwood hero to play James Bond?’ has always been a topic to debate for all of us. From Shahrukh Khan to Akshay Kumar to Salman Khan, contenders have been many for the role. But one star who has managed to shine brighter than his otherwise senior mates is our Duggu. So much has the delicious hunk been demanded to play James Bond that there were strong rumours of him singing for the role in 2002.

And one film that we could imagine Hrithik best in would be Casino Royale. The film rebooted the series, introducing a new timeline and a less experienced James Bond, and we really wished we could watch our Krrish star in the movie.

Just imagine Hrithik emerging from the Atlantic in nothing but a tiny trunk or parkour chasing Mollaka in the beginning of the movie or surviving the deadly car crash! Wouldn’t have the fierce action scenes of the movie been a feast to your eyes, guys?


Fifty Shades Of Grey


Though the movie is still in the making and is scheduled to release next year, Fifty Shades Of Grey is an established name now. An erotic novel of sorts, Fifty Shades Of Grey has set the record of being the fastest-selling paperback of all time and while reading the novel we couldn’t help but imagine our very own Hrithik in the role of Christain Grey. The business tycoon with strikingly good looks and light eyes, the character of Christain Grey looks like written for Hrithik only. We wish he could have been casted in the movie. However, the only hindering factor to accept the role would be the explicit content of the movie.

But if Hrithik chooses to do any version of the movie in future, everyone would just run to the theater. Right, ladies?


The Notebook

M_Id_377420_Hrithik_Roshan_Katrina_Kaif_2An utterly beautiful movie made on Nicholas Spark’s best-selling novel of the same name, The Notebook is one of the most romantic movies of the last decade. Only if the story could have been tweaked a little to Hrithik’s age, The Notebook could have been an perpetual watch, a milestone of sorts for his career. It could have given new heights to Hrithik’s romantic image leaving not a single eye dry in the house. We wish we could have seen him falling in love so deliciously. We wish!


 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


We couldn’t help but include this extremely popular spy movie in the list too. For years, Tom Cruise has played Ethan Hunt with aplomb but we think Hrithik could have done justice to the role too. Gifted with an athletic body to do justice with the stylish thriller and terrific acting skills to portray varied emotions, Hrithik Roshan tick marks all the requisites for the role. And the best in the series is undoubtedly Ghost Protocol. Close your eyes and think of Hrithik scaling Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa or him stylishly escaping the Moscow prison. Doesn’t the sheer imagining send chills across your spine?


Real steel


Set in 2020, Real Steel was a science action drama film when robots have replaced human boxers. Nominated for Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects, the highlight was the movie was the underlying father-son relationship that went from being strangers to buddies. To see Hrithik play the childish father, Charlie, would an absolute treat for his fans who vouch for his superstar’s acting skills. The role would have given Hrithik a chance to play a father for the first time and display his maturity on screen. Also, we think, he could have pulled the former boxer role too, given his fit physique.

Watching him transform from a carefree man to a doting father would an emotionally satisfactory watch, no?


So, which is the movie that you wished Hrithik could have suited the most? Comment and let us know! Not just the movies in our list, you can make your list too. We would love to read that!






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