Hrithik Roshan at Madame Tussauds

The famous wax museum called Madame Tussauds is going to improve their collection with the Bollywood actor and super star Hrithik Roshan. The ‘Greek god’ from Bollywood is the new acquisition of the famous museum. As everyone knows Madame Tussauds is a world famous wax museum, in which are exposed many famous people, such as actors, politicians and many more.

As sources state, it seems that the reveal of this statue will take place on January 20 the following year. The wax statue is almost ready, as we speak the sculpture are adding the final touches to it. The big unveiled will take place next year, in London, UK.

Roshan will then be face to face with his wax figure. The officials of the museum have not wanted to say anything about the pose of the statue, or the close that the actor wore at that occasion. Still sources say the statue will be very daring, compared to their other items on display. Now everyone is curious to see just how the statue looks like.


  1. Ali sindhi December 22, 2010
  2. Ali sindhi December 22, 2010

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