Hritik Roshan Hurts His Back on the Sets of ‘Agneepath’

Injuries now seem not just limited to the sports persons of our country. Of late many of Bollywood’s superstars have also been facing injuries now and then. It just seems to linger on. Now think of this first the King Khan Shahrukh has a knee pain, then comes Salman Bhai with his nervous problems, and the latest just came in it’s now Hritik Roshan. The actor was apparently spotted in the Beach Candy Hospital while undergoing a MRI scan of his back.

Sources say that the superstar is to stay in complete bed rest for about a fortnight. This in turn will delay the shooting of ‘Agneepath’ as the actor cannot be present on sets for the entire length of the fortnight.  Reports say that the handsome Hritik has hurt his back pretty bad and cannot do without complete bed rest for the stipulated period of time.

There have been many rumours on as to how Hritik got injured. The most popular one states that there was this particular scene that Hritk was shooting for in which the star had to lift a bounty fighter, one that weighed almost 110 kgs. Now superstar or not that’s a lot of weight to put on anyone’s shoulders. This scene being over Hritik was seen under immense pressure. However father Rakesh Roshan rubbished the whole thing as a rumour and stated a completely different story from what we have heard so far. The logical reasoning of Hritik’s father explained that Hritik was under a lot of pressure for quite some time now especially because of shooting back to back for his dance reality show and movies. He needs a bit of rest and so is resting for some time now. Now whether the rumours are right or the Daddy we do not know but we do know that the movie is going to be delayed for some time now. Stay tuned in for more.

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