Humor and laughs at the Sahara India Sports Award

A one of kind moment in the Indian showbiz happened just recently, at the Sahara India sports award, where one of hosts was the popular Shahrukh Khan. Here, he, alongside the married couple Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza, create a unique moment.

Fans could enjoy a special dance, as Sania requested Shahrukh to help Shoaib overcome his well known shyness. It did not take more than this to start a more than interesting conversation between the three, which culminated with a funny dance, as Shahrukh made the adorable couple to shake a bit on the Veer Zaara song. Of course, Shahrukh did not sit aside, and joined then in a hilarious act.

A romantic dance and a couple of romantic lines were the highlight of the gala, and the audience was really enjoying the moment, especially when Shoaib responded at the request of relating their love story with a simple line: “It was love at first sight.” Hopefully, this performance made Shoaib less introvert, for Sania’s sake!

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