“I am very good at hiding things!” – Riteish Deshmukh in a fun talk with Bollygraph!

Cutie Riteish Deshmukh needs no introduction. Having successfully starred in many comedies, Riteish made a great comeback in romance with the recent Tere Naal Ho Gaya. Starring with his love Genelia D’souza after seven long years, the movie – sweet and enjoyable – definitely won the hearts of audiences and critics alike. So much so that the team had a success party to celebrate the movie. In a tete-a-tete with Bollygraph, Riteish talks to us about movies, marriage, love and a lot more.

riteish deshmukhWe start off  by quickly making him introspect his nature, Jis tarah ka mahol hota hai main us tarah ka bann jaata hoon. Mujhe laga koi serious baat ho rahi hai toh main serious ban jaata hoon. Agar koi funny baat kar raha hai toh ek joke ke upar doosra joke ban jaata hai. I am a reactive personality. Mere samne jis tarah ke log hain , jis tarah ka situation hai, I adapt to it,” he trails off pondering,  “Which means I don’t have a personality of my own!  Khud ka kuch hai hi nai!” he says jokingly.

We know Bollywood movies tend to be male-centric which means that always it’s the guy who kidnaps the gal. But in his recent movie it was the other way round! “We always say that we make same films so we tried something different,“ says  Riteish ,”You say wahi filmain banate hain, kuch alag karo. So this time the girl kidnaps the guy. It’s actually an accidental kidnapping that takes place. And that’s the fun part of it. Because he is this simple guy, she is someone who has great energy.” Elaborating more he says, “In this film there are two characters. One is completely a meek boy, very straight forward. The girl is very vibrant, adventurous. She always feels that the guy is missing the adventure in his life. Like she says,

 ‘Tumme who nai hai.’

‘Woh kya?’

 ‘Arey who jo hota hai na who nai hai.’



 ‘Chandrachur toh suna tha par adventure kaun hai?!’

 So I think it’s fun that a girl kidnaps a guy.” So does that mean he considers his role as that of a serious guy in the Ritesh-Deshmukh-With-Geneliamovie? ” Yes and No. Jo kirdar maine is movie main kiya hai shayad maine waise doosre filmon main kiya nai toh thoda bahut serious hai. Quiet hai, itna out-going nai hai kyunki Genelia ke character ko balance karta hai. She is absolutely mad, he is otherwise –  a perfect balance.“ So how hard was it to transform from comic roles to a normal guy role. “First of all I feel I react to the line that are written,“ he clarifies, “So it’s not even about the role, you know. A comic character might have a serious scene and for that you have to transit from being a funny guy to being serious for that particular scene. So you are funny, serious or tragic depending on the lines you say and every actor may find a particular comfort zone. For some it might be comedy for some it might be romance. Two years ago I had worked in a movie called Rann, in which I think I just smiled once in the film -forget about laughing- because that is what I had to do in the film –  it was absolutely a serious film –  and in Naach I don’t think I had even smiled in the film. So it all depends but I feel being funny is far more difficult than being serious.” Why the change since comedy has always been his forte? “Comedy has been my producer’s forte (not mine)!” he laughs.

Action seems to be the norm now what with the highest grosser so far being Agneepath. How come Riteish decided to do a rom-com? “Tere Naal main action nahi but reaction hai,” he says cheekily , ” I will tell you one thing, we live in a country where people love all kinds of films. So at one place you have Agneepath – I loved Agneepath –  and then there was Dirty Picture. So one can see that everyone loves different kinds of films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – there was no action but I loved it. So if the film is good it should do well.“  Real couples generally don’t click onscreen like Saif-Kareena in Kurbaan. Wasn’t he apprehensive if the movie would work? “Agent Vinod stars both of them and hopefully will work. The film has to work primarily. Actors, couples, chemistry and all that is only as good as the film. And we all hope and strive to make a good one. And whether a real life couple works or doesn’t work depends on all permutations and combinations of all such factors.”

The movie had managed to create quite a buzz in the pre-release. We ask him as to how they went about promoting their film. “Kumarji ne movie ke shuruat se hi promotion shuru ki. Facebook, twitter yeh jo naya madhyam hai  unse kiya. Naye naye madhyam dhoonde gaye . Kyunke kya hota hai ki jitna jaroori print media se baat karna hai utna jaroori television media main promos aana ya interviews dena hai aur utna hi jaroori mujhe lagta hai dheere dheere aajkal Facebook, twitter– yeh bhi bahut haavi ho raha hai. Toh mujhe lagta hai yeh alag alag medium se promote karna jaroori hota hai.

On a lighter note we ask him about the “girl” getups he played so far in his films. (laughs) Ladkiyon ki bhavnayen aaj tak kaun samajh paaya hai. Jab main ladki bana tha tab sirf do bhavnayen pareshan karti  rahi mujhe . Ek thi waxing aur ek thi threading! Itni pareshani mujhe aaj tak kabhi nai aayi. I think threading is more painful than waxing. It’s very complicated to dress like a woman.”

Genelia  and Ritesh Deshmukh MarriageThe promos of Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya showed Genelia making him dance! In real life, who wears the pants in their relationship we asked.  Staying true to his humorous trait he exclaims, “We wear shorts!” Now that he is married, what is his take on the institution of marriage? “This institution has been for ages – thousands and thousands of years. And there is a reason why it survives. It survives because it holds things together; it holds individuals, families and in the end societies together. And slowly I feel we are running away, or taking it easy or not gaining much in this institution – not enough to get back together if something happens. We feel its ok we will find somebody else. It’s a perspective that depends on each individual but I personally feel that once we find a person who we think we want to be with it’s for a lifetime.“  Was he a possessive boyfriend, we ask him. After thinking for something he says, “No.” When we earlier had a chat with Genelia she said that he completes her which was a very sweet thing to say. What was it about  her that made him say she is the one? “Strangely I have never thought about it because I didn’t need to,” he says quietly, “Is she the one or otherwise. I was just happy being with her to think beyond that. I was happy and still am and I have actually never thought about it as to is she the one. Why is she the one, is she the one? I didn’t need to think about it. The journey began and we grew together-as actors, as people- and I think that process has really made us what we are together and individually.” Do they give suggestions to each other as far as work is concerned, we wondered. “You do as you think it’s to be done, I will do as I deem correct. Little bit suggestions like 1 suggestion in 10 days is fine but otherwise there is complete freedom as to how we do our work. Apna apna tareeka hota hai ki aap kis tarah react karte ho, kis tarah aap act karte ho, kis tarah aap emote karte ho. Har ek ka alag hota hai aur in cheezon se farak padta hai.

In an industry where nothing is a secret we are quite surprised at the way he managed to keep his relationship under wraps for seven years . How did he manage to do that? “Main jhoot bahut achi tarah bolta hoon!” he says grinning and signing off.

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