Jessica Simpson to wed after producing baby

Jessica Simpson, the bombastically sexy-curvy damsel of the singing trade, is having a bun in the oven these days. Previously there were rumors about her pregnancy and whenever she was asked, she simply denied the reports, but now the gal herself made the announcement on her blog by posting a picture of herself dressed as a mother on Halloween Day.

Well, the latest about this sexy siren is that she does not like to slip into the wedding gown being pregnant. Thus we heard that she would tie the knot with fiancé Eric Johnson after she gives birth to the kid.

Both Jessica, 31, and fiancé Johnson are expecting their first kid. Jessica now reveals that she and Eric would say ‘I do’ after their kid is born.

Simpson then mentioned that they both would wait until their baby was born. Telling about how pregnancy happened, she told that they both had been enjoying dating at various places until she found out that she was having a bun in the oven.

Jessica and Eric got engaged in November 2010 and since that day their marriage’s rumors had started oozing out but still no sign of marriage took place. Jessica is now desperately waiting for the baby’s birth since she wants to have the kid with her.

Simpson expresses that the idea of having a baby in the world is simply awesome and she is very anxiously waiting for the day to come.

Jessica and Eric’s love has been high in the air and their love even has generated many controversies as well when they were found locking lips before Jessica’s mother and at various locations in the public.

The rumors also say that Eric is looting the gal as she is the one who always spends money wherever they go and it was also learnt that on the marriage’s ceremony, Jessica is expected to spend the bucks.


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