Jhatkas of 2010, Matkas in 2011

Mumbai: It has been a year of jhatka for Bollywood. 2011 comes with a nice share of matkas. Let’s see how celebrities managed with 2010, and what they have planned for 2011.

Shahrukh Khan starred in “My Name Is Khan”, which has won the title of all time overseas grosser. At home, however, things aren’t all that good. But he plans to make it up with “Ra.One”.

Kareena Kapoor’s fame from “3 Idiots” of the end of 2009 lasted in 2010, but she showed big jhatkas this year. 2011 announces to be very good for the actress.

Aamir Khan was a producer in 2010. He proved his skills and managed to win applause. The actor showed he is a great producer, but we might see him again as an actor in 2011.

Katrina Kaif reached the peak this year. Critics were eating out of her hand, and she is the top subject of gossip. What will happen in 2011? Probably the same…

Salman Khan scored big with “Dabangg” at the end of 2010. Hope he can equal this success in 2011.

For all the rest, better luck next year!

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