Hottie and every girl’s heartthrob John Abraham made an appearance recently at his cousin sister, Susy Matthew’s book launch ‘In a Bubble of Time’ at the Title Waves, Mumbai. Bollygraph was there to cover the event where along with John his girlfriend Priya and his family had gathered.
Looking dapper in black and white sweater shirt, John looked every bit happy to be there at the launch. We asked him the reason. “First of all it’s my sister’s book so I am very proud and aaj ek aisa din hai (today is one such day) where the entire family is around so I am very happy. My mom-dad, uncle-aunt, all are here. A very very special day for me.” So has he read the book yet? “ The book’s called In a Bubble of Time. I am gonna start reading again. I was out of the habit of reading. I am just very excited! It’s a very emotional day for me, actually!”
Susy, who has authored this book said, ” Actually when we first asked John he said 17th would be a free day for him because he thought later he would be going abroad. He had unscheduled shooting too but in spite of that he has still come and kept his word. I am very grateful to him for that.” So now that she has her book published and considering that she knows him so well, do we see a biography on John soon? “He will have to sit for an interview with me I don’t think he would have the time!” she replied. “I will have to leave the country after the biography is released!” added John giving his naughty smile.
Looking at the two together, we couldn’t help but wonder if as kids they were naughty. “She is very serious and all now but as a child she was very mischievous,” revealed John. “He was worse. I remember in our grandfather’s house, there is a photograph of him climbing on the ladder and chopping away my granddad’s golden coconuts – we had caught him in the act with a big knife!” said Susy to which he replied,” I was always an outgoing person so I enjoyed doing these things –creating trouble!”
Busy shooting for Race and Housefull2, John said that he didn’t have time to read but recommended it as instead of the industry being inspired by other movies – especially Hollywood movies, one could actually find inspiration in books – in fact many Hollywood movies do so. Apart from starting reading again, is he planning to start any writing soon, we asked him. “Yes I will write something. But honestly, at this time I will only write scripts. I don’t think I can write a book like her. But yes, I will write scripts and I am probably writing one but it will take time.” Talking about his favorite books, John said,”I have been a great fan of 20th century fiction and have liked Jeffery Archer. I have read all his books. Agar ek hindi picture banana hota, toh I would have definitely made it from a Jeffery Archer book like Kane and Abel or Quiver full OF Arrows but I guess that will still take time. First I will finish Housefull2!”
Apart from John, the other person who created buzz during the event was his girlfriend Priya and the way she mingled with his family. Having tried to protect her from the media earlier, John seemed to have come out in the open about his relationship as he made her sit close to him. Susy talked about Priya saying,” I spoke to John and asked him if he would bring somebody he knows and we are glad we could get Priya because she has been in the news lately and it was really a bonus that he could bring her. She is a close family friend – my uncle and aunt know her. She is such a nice person.”

Susy Mathew’s latest book, In a Bubble of Time, is a love story set in Rome which revolves around a love triangle. It speaks about all events – like how every event is a bubble in time and after this event one moves forward to other bubbles in time that are interactive with the same people or different people.


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