John Abraham Drives A 3 Million Dollar Car In ‘Welcome Back’

John Abraham, who married is long-time girlfriend, Priya, early this year, is on a different high now! The actor has grabbed some plum roles and is very excited about them. While his production company has a few mind-blowing films lined up, his acting career has taken a flight as well.

Last reported, the shooting of ‘Welcome Back’ wass in full swing to meet the December 19 release date and while the team is have a blast shooting for the comedy sequel, John  Abraham seems to be enjoying the most. Reason being that the actor recently got to drive a sexy super car worth three million dollars for the movie.

Yes, three million, that too in dollars!


It is to be reported that while the car was a McLaren, it is owned by the Dubai royal family. And since the family was quite close to the producer of the movie, Firoz Nadaiawala, they gave the car to be used in the movie.  John will be seen driving the car in ‘Welcome Back’.

It is to be added that the car is a limited edition one and goes from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3 seconds. While the top speed is 340 kmph, the ‘Dhoom’ went upto 304 kmph!

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