Jr. NTR for Zandu Balm

The superstar Jr. NTR started out at a tender age. Now, in his youth, he is the brand new ambassador of Zandu Balm, in Andhra Pradesh. Zandu Balm is now supported by the Indian cricket team in the entire world. Thus, the label benefits from great assistance and cannot very easily fail, and most likely Jr. NTR will be a hit at his new job.

Zandu Balm hopes to gain more popularity and expand its limits all over the globe with its new image. The young superstar, Jr. NTR is very excited about working for Zandu Balm. Reliable sources have stated that the new campaign for Zandu Balm will be materializing soon. Apparently, the newest commercial for the label, the first one featuring the new ambassador, is being shot as we speak.

The location for the ad was picked somewhere in Mumbai, and in two days, it will be completed. The fans of Jr. NTR can expect to see the new commercial in the last week of December, when it will be aired for the first time.

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