Justin Bieber going for paternity DNA test

The case against the world famed international singing sensation Justin Bieber about the paternity of a four months’ old child has been dropped by the girl who claimed that Bieber is the father of this kid. But after few days of the case dropping, the latest happenings took place in this case. Well, the new development is that Justin Bieber is going for the DNA test to disapprove the claim that he is a father of Mariah Yeater’s 4 months’ old kid.

The developments say that Justin has the appointment of the doctor who is to take the DNA test. Justin’s manager Scooter Braun tells in an interview that Bieber is all set to undergo the DNA test and the arrangements for the same have been done already.

Mariah Yeater, Justin’s fan, claims that Justin had sex with her backstage during a concert in LA in October 2010. As per the claim, Bieber was 16 at that time.

She had filed the lawsuit seeking for the financial support for the kid but last week, she took the case back when the attorneys of Justin threatened to take the legal action against the girl.

Bieber’s manager also mentions that Justin is ready for the DNA and he is not afraid of the same since he is right.

A little birdie also informs that Justin’s attorneys are ready to take the legal action nonetheless though the case has been dropped since the singer wants to prove that he is right and it was a scandal that spread against him.

Since in future, anyone can raise a claim again that Justin is a father of the baby…this and that, thus to get the people be cautious, he likes to go for the legal action against Mariah Yeater.

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